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Legal services

Our lawyers help with what you need as an entrepreneur, generational change, shareholder agreement and contract review as well as private law matters such as wills, estate records and prenuptial agreements. We also help you with public procurements and represent you in, among other things, administrative court.

Contract law and government procurement

Our lawyers can help you with contract review and drafting of contracts in both private and commercial contexts. When negotiating with stakeholders, a contract lawyer can be the support needed to ensure that the transaction is successful. We also assist with tailored training where we treat everything from contractual basis to how to get the supplier agreements to match the agreements that you sign with your customers.

Our procurement experts provide high quality legal services in all stages of the procurement. They review your bids before sending them out to meet the tender dossier demands. Should you not win the tender we will review the procurement. Should there be flaws, we help you with the appeal.

Permits and inspections

Do you conduct activities that require a permit? We have extensive experience of permit applications, environmental impact assessments, environmental reports, consultations, inspection visits and periodic inspections. An activity can be subject to a permit for many different things; environmentally hazardous activities, import of chemicals, transfer of hazardous chemicals, production of food, spread of pesticides, etc. Let Altea help you for a smooth permit process!

Our lawyers assist with permit applications in a wide range of hazardous activities, food establishments, chemicals, and producer liability. We can help you with environmental impact assessments and environmental reporting. We can also assist in inspection visits and in other contacts with the authorities.

Many organizations experience anxiety and uncertainty before an inspection visit, regardless of whether it is about the environment or the work environment. We are happy to help you prior to inspection visits and ensure that the business and your documentation meet current requirements. We can also be present during the inspection visit and thus relieve you.

Conducting environmentally hazardous activities may entail requirements for environmental reports, consultations and periodic inspections. This is something that Altea has a lot of experience with. Let us help your company, regardless of whether you run a C- or A-business.

Private law

Life changes and life events create the need for different types of legal documents. Are you getting married, getting a divorce, cohabiting for the first time or do you need to establish a testamentary or probate. Let our lawyers help you. We can even help you when you are going to sublet your apartment or if you are selling the boat.


Let our chemists improve your management of chemicals. We can help you with everything from the production of chemicals, chemical safety assessments to the practical management in your company. We also carry out specific courses based on your business where we for example can combine ADR 1.3 with thermosetting plastic education.


We also perform risk assessments for the company, produce special handling instructions, safety data sheets and provide other assistance in order to meet regulatory requirements.

Handling of chemicals

We provide training courses in chemicals so the company meets the current environmental and health and safety requirements.  Basic training in handling chemicals and identifying the significant risks of a chemical product and how to adapt accordingly.

We can provide special training courses for the company within; thermosetting plastics, chemical management or ADR 1.3. We also customize company-specific chemical training courses for your business and after your requirements.

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