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Occupational health and safety management system accordingly to ISO45001: 2018 (previous OHSAS 18001)

Since the spring of 2018, most organizations have been operating in accordance with ISO 45001: 2018. Has your business not started the work of ensuring compliance according to the new standard? Contact Altea AB and we will help you!

Occupational health and safety management system accordingly to ISO45001

A management system for work environment according to ISO 45001 is used as a tool to improve work environment performance and to manage work environment risks. To implement a management system for work environment is to clearly show current and future employees that their work environment is important and that you as a organization actively work to create a better and safer workplace and that you comply with applicable legislation.

In recent years, work environment legislation has become clearer and the demands on organizations are increasing. Having a prosperous and pleasant workplace has become a quality factor in society and a better working environment is something that all companies constantly work with. Proactive risk-based approach reduces sick leave, accidents and incidents. The standard helps to raise work environment issues for management and helps to systematize working methods.

Advantages of a management system:

  • Ensures that continuous improvements take place in the business
  • Risk-based approach with preventive measures reduces costs
  • Proactive work instead of reactive
  • Improves employee participation
  • Ensures compliance with legislation and other requirements
  • Increases personnel´s motivation for safety, well-being and health
  • Increases the possibility that you are seen as the good employer
  • Takes into account organizational and social aspects in your work environment
  • Recurring inspections of the work environment 
  • Clearer division of responsibilities and authorities
  • Increased profitability and efficiency - reduced costs
  • Advantage over competitors - an internationally recognized way of working
  • Etc.

Do you need help with introducing a work environment management system according to ISO 45001? Or do you need help updating your existing OHSAS system to meet the requirements of the ISO standard? Contact Altea and we will help you!

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