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The Hackefors model

The Hackefors model is a trademarked tool for the introduction of management systems. The tool is based on small and medium-sized companies working together to introduce management systems according to international standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, EMAS and others.

A tool for management system

The collaboration takes place in a group of companies that have a common affiliation, for example the same industrial area, industry, group or the like. By dividing work and costs, the introduction of the system becomes easier, saves more time and becomes more economical for each company.

Group certification is based on a collaboration between Altea, our clients and an accredited certification company. The Hackefors model is designed in such a way that all companies that want to be certified according to the required international standard reach their certificate.

Proven tool for implementing management systems

The Hackefors model is an effective, proven and well-regarded tool for introducing management systems. Altea has developed and owns the Hackefors model and has, with the help of the tool, introduced over 3,000 international certificates. We introduce management systems according to international standards at a fixed price. The main advantages of introducing management systems using the Hackefors model are:

  • Fixed cost for implementation, from start to certification.
  • Reduced cost of certification, because the certification companies reduce the audit time.
  • All templates required to implement management systems are included, as well as unlimited support.

The work of introducing the management system begins with a start-up meeting. At the start-up meeting, we determine when certification is to take place and that we produce a timetable for how the work is to be set up. The introduction of the management system is divided into about 10 meetings called MKL-meetings.

These meetings consist of three parts: information, training and production of documents. At each meeting, we review standard requirements, legal requirements, customer / industry requirements and / or your company's own requirements. Then we go through different templates and examples of how the requirements can be documented in accordance with the standard and legal requirements that exist.

The Hackefors Model has received several domestic and international honors.

From His Majesty the King we received an award for Sweden’s best industrial environmental efforts. From EU, The Hackefors Model received awards such as  The best project on public policy initiatives to encourage the uptake EMSs in SMEs and A good example of programmes promoting resources efficiency opportunities for business in the EU.

Furthermore, the EU found that The Hackefors Model is A good practices in Environmental Compliance Assistance.

The Hackefors Model is one of the EU approved and recommended tools for introducing EMAS.

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