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About Altea AB

Altea AB is a consulting company that works with international standards such as ISO 14001, 9001, 27001, 45001 etc. mainly with the internationally recognized and also trademarked method the Hackefors model.

Altea AB is a consulting company

We provide a web-based tool for compliance, document management, process handling, nonconformity / improvement management, etc. A few of our specialist areas in addition to the international standards are the legal expertise and the expertise in chemicals that we offer you as a customer.

We also offer a number of training courses where our experienced trainers offer courses in everything from management systems to work environment training and systematic fire protection work. Under the Services tab, you can see what Altea offers you as a customer today.

We work with individual companies, groups and networks with small and medium-sized companies in the business areas environment, quality, working environment, food, agriculture and testing and calibration laboratories, as well as now information security. 

If you need help upgrading your management systems to meet the requirements of the new edition of the standard for work environment ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001), so feel free to contact Altea AB and we will help you with a GAP analysis.

Altea AB has customers all over Sweden and in the Nordic neighboring countries. Feel free to contact Altea AB for an inquiry or tender!

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